Lissie: Live at Daytrotter

Music Audio Lissie
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Back in 2010, we named Lissie our number one artist of the year following the release of her debut album, Catching a Tiger. Six years and two albums later, Lissie continues to sharpen her songwriting and to hop genres with her brand of folk branching off into subgenres of rock, pop and country like a mighty oak.

The newest offering from Lissie is February’s My Wild West, which dips back into her country roots but polishes them up with a pop sheen. The result makes it hard for any of the aforementioned genre labels to accurately delineate Lissie’s evolving sound, but fans of Neko Case or Pearl Charles will surely delight.

Lissie recently headed into the Daytrotter venue in Davenport, Iowa. Listen to her full set right here!