LOLO: In Loving Memory of When I Used to Give a Shit Review

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LOLO: <i>In Loving Memory of When I Used to Give a Shit</i> Review

LOLO’s In Loving Memory Of When I Used To Give A Shit dropped last month, and the title isn’t the only thing smacking you in the face and demanding your attention.

Singer-songwriter LOLO (Lauren Pritchard) is known for co-writing hits for Panic! At The Disco’s most recent album. She also wrote an off-Broadway musical last year titled “Songbird,” which received rave reviews from The New York Times, and originated the role of ‘Ilse’ in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening. Her theatrical background is crystal clear over the course of the In Loving Memory, as she proves her skills as an honest—and killer—storyteller.

The story begins with a bang as Pritchard introduces herself as a scorned woman in “I Heard it From A Friend,” powerfully belting and painting word pictures that make you feel not only her pain but yours, too. She is foulmouthed and unapologetic for feeling all her feelings, with my favorite line of the song: “Yeah, you fucked me over!”

The story continues with “The Devil’s Come to Dinner,” a portrayal of the mourning period after heartbreak. She continues with “Shine” a tribute to the human condition. LOLO is the friend you want to have around when you’re drunk at a party and can’t stop wallowing in self pity. She harshly says what needs to be said while simultaneously enveloping you in a reassuring hug. “Why you waiting on the world for a favor? It’s your life, go ahead and change it”.

The theme is clear: a rebirth after an innocence lost. LOLO’s vocal range is out of this world, singing from the tips of her toes to the hairs on the top of her head. The grooves and melodies are simple, making her writing not only relatable but genuine.

She allows her vulnerability to come through in “Courtyard,” a conversation with her mother about where she has been and where she needs to go.

“I’m Not Going To Let You Walk Away” is the acceptance of the fact the ones you love inevitably will let you down and is followed by “No Time For Lonely,” a dance-it-off number (make sure to check out that bridge)!

LOLO then returns with “I Don’t Want To Have To Lie” and “Dandelion,” reminding you know that she has flaws—and so do you. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days, and that’s okay. She’s repetitive and consistent with her message: we are all humans with emotions that need to be felt!

“Relatively Well Dressed” is a personal favorite of mine, shedding light on the inner monologue running while you’re getting hit on at a bar. But wait, there’s a more important detail here…LOLO’s back in the dating game!

In Loving Memory Of When I Used To Give A Shit comes to a conclusion with “Johnson City,” which may seem like a pun, but it’s so much more. LOLO has just brought us all home with her and is singing a mantra dedicated to all of us chanting, “I’m alright, I’m alright.”