Song Premiere: KiD - "Made To Play"

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Writer/producer team Trent Dabbs and Jeremy Bose make up the new side project KiD, set to release their debut EP Made To Play tomorrow, January 29.

The Nashville-based duo are both heavily involved in other projects, and KiD is a major departure from their usual endeavors, drawing comparisons to Moby or Gorillaz (and maybe little Cherub…on quaaludes).

“Not often do you come across a more creatively demanding job as songwriting,” said singer-songwriter Dabbs. “KiD was born out of the freedom to step out of comfort writing and thrive for less predictable recordings. I’m surrounded daily with people who make me want to be a better writer. This project is what it sounds like when you get tired of hearing your own voice.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Made To Play” above.

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