Song Premiere: Magnet School - "Irresistible Lie"

Music Audio Magnet School
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Austin’s shoegaze quartet Magnet School are dropping single “Irresistible Lie” off of their upcoming album, The Art of Telling the Truth, out January 29.

“A tongue-in-cheek, pessimistic look at love, ‘Irresistible Lie’ is about the miscommunication between people in relationships and the often doe-eyed view people can have for their new love interest,” said guitarist/vocalist Michael J. Wane of the lyrics.

“Dissonant and beautiful at the same time, the music evokes feelings of hope and despair all at once,” continued bassist Brandon Tucker of the track. “We wrote this song about two years ago and although we spent many hours trying to perfect it – the initial driving bass rhythm and pretty/chiming dual guitar ideas happened really fast – it was like we were reading each others minds.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Irresistible Lie” above.