Song Premiere: Mint Julep - "White Hot Heart"

Music Audio Mint Julep
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Portland-based husband-and-wife duo Mint Julep are releasing their single “White Hot Heart” off of their upcoming full-length, Broken Devotion, a follow up to their 2011 debut Save Your Season.

“I was fooling around with something really simple – and somewhat basic/cheesy – just having a bit of fun, and [my wife] Hollie heard this four-bar loop and wanted to do some singing on it, not really intending to start out on a song but more of a little singing exercise,” said muti-instrumentalist/producer Keith Kenniff. “I really loved what she came up, so I re-worked the music underneath and then we continued on with it as a proper Mint Julep song. I think we both wanted to keep this song as something fluid and uncomplicated, upbeat but with a bit of weight to it emotionally. Keeping with a general theme of other songs on the album, it’s about relationships, in this case how the protagonist interprets the emotionality of exiting a relationship.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “White Hot Heart” above, and be sure to grab Broken Devotion when it hits on February 12, 2016.