Exclusive: Listen to Mk.gee's Dreamy, Funky "Come On (You Know That I'm a Fool)"

The track is off his forthcoming EP Fool

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Exclusive: Listen to Mk.gee's Dreamy, Funky "Come On (You Know That I'm a Fool)"

Mk.gee, the project of L.A.-based songwriter Michael Gordon, has shared new single “Come On (You Know That I’m a Fool),” premiering exclusively here at Paste. The track is the first single off Mk.gee’s forthcoming EP Fool, which is being self-released on Nov. 16.

The track is stuttering, sun-scorched dream-funk, a wavelength that Mk.gee has been comfortably operating on since his previous album, Pronounced McGee, which came out earlier this year. The track finds Mk.gee submerging his pure pop sensibilities under layers of watery production tricks. “I realized that the act of recording is not just simply trying to get the cleanest sounds,” he says. “There is unlimited creativity and storytelling with the way things sound on a record, which really got me into production.”

The video juxtaposes the track’s depressed, solipsistic lyricism with images of Mk.gee and friends frolicking in a desert expanse, dancing numbly as the sun sets. “I wanted the video to be a bit of an ironic juxtaposition to the song,” Mk.gee says. “The music is pretty somber and deals with change and loneliness, but ironically the video is pretty lighthearted, and it’s just me and my friends doing dumb shit.” It’s dumb shit that’s often the best antidote to depressing shit, so the sentiment feels right.

Mk.gee will be performing a handful of shows to celebrate the release of the Fool EP. Those dates can be found further down.

Watch the video for “Come On (You Know I’m A Fool)” below, and find the full EP artwork and tracklist further down.

Fool EP Album Art:


Fool EP Tracklist:
01. Brick
02. Suburban Luv
03. Come On (You Know That I’m A Fool)
04. New Years
05. Num
06. Drown
07. Wheel

Mk.gee Tour Dates:

09 – San Francisco, Calif. @ Rickshaw Stop
24 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Moroccan Lounge