Daily Dose: Nanami Ozone, "The Art Of Sleeping In"

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Daily Dose: Nanami Ozone, "The Art Of Sleeping In"

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For an indie-rock band from sunny Arizona, Nanami Ozone sure seem in touch with their dark side. The four-piece today (Jan. 24) released “The Art Of Sleeping In,” the latest single from their forthcoming sophomore album NO. It’s one of the more shoegaze-y tracks so far released from the record, ranking up there with “3 Mile Drive,” which alternately barrels at you with a wall of noise or ramps up with frantic plucking. “The Art Of Sleeping In,” on the other hand, consistently washes over you with distorted, effects-laden guitar reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.

There is an art to sleeping in, just as there’s an art to creating the massive sounds coming from Nanami Ozone, which seem more than able to fill canyons and spill over onto the cracked desert ground. Colson Miller takes lead vocal duties on the track, which he shares with fellow guitarist Sophie Opich, who chimes in with haunting harmonies. Bassist Jordan Owen and drummer Chris Gerber lay the pulsating percussive foundation for the wailing guitars to build from.

The song’s contemplative, melancholy lyrics feel more than apt for a day spent under the duvet, curtains drawn. If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for your winter hibernation, this is it. As Miller and Opich repeat coolly that “I’m not done with you,” you realize they may be singing to you, because surely you can’t just put them back on the shelf after this tune.

NO is out via Tiny Engines on March 15. Listen to “The Art of Sleeping In” below.