Song Premiere: Kylie Odetta - "Sweet Innocence"

Music Audio Odetta
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18-year-old singer songwriter Kylie Odetta is releasing her newest EP, High Dreamer, on February 12. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the single “Sweet Innocence” right here.

The track reflects on the loss of innocence and the subsequent longing for its return that inevitably comes with the shedding of adolescence. Don’t we all wish we would experience that untarnished purity again, if only for a second?

“This is a song about getting older and growing jaded, then meeting somebody with a fresh mindset,” said Odetta. “You fall in love or you get a glimpse of what it was like to feel the freedom of that innocence and naivety again. You want to ‘have a sip of whatever they’re drinking’ so that you can feel that way too.”

Listen to “Sweet Innocence” above.