Outside Lands 2013: Photos + Recap - Day One

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Outside Lands 2013: Photos + Recap - Day One

Friday’s lineup at Outside Lands featured performances from Band of Horses, Rhye and The National, but capping off the day was headliner Paul McCartney. McCartney walked out to a crowd of thousands wearing a black trench coat that was abruptly taken off exposing a white button down shirt. A line of guitars backed him followed by his band. As fans screamed, he remained composed and charming.

McCartney is actually 71, but doesn’t look a day over 50. He was witty, joking in between songs about his time spent in communist Russia. (Of course, “Back in the U.S.S.R.” was played right before). At one point he brought two young ladies on stage and signed their wrists so that they could get his name tattooed there later.

Although Paul joked around, there were also serious and sentimental moments of the concert as well. A tribute to his late wife, Linda, and John Lennon had some members of the audience in tears. McCartney reminded the audience to always say what you need to say to someone before it is too late.

Along with major hits like “Hey Jude”, “Yesterday” and “Black Bird” some more obscure Beatles songs were played. “Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite” echoed into the crowd as psychedelic lights flashed on stage. “All Together Now”, a song written primarily by McCartney and released on Yellow Submarine, had half the crowd singing along and half scratching their heads.

McCartney ended the show the same way the Beatles ended Abbey Road. “Golden Slumbers” was sung with a strength that seemed impossible for a man his size. McCartney’s impressive range and energy left the crowd screaming for more even after 3 hours.

Check out Philip Cosores’ images from day one at the fest in the gallery below, and stay tuned for more coverage from Outside Lands 2013.