Paste's Best Music Photos of 2013

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<i>Paste's</i> Best Music Photos of 2013

We at Paste spend a lot of time around music: hitting up local shows, sweating it out at big festivals and hanging out for interviews and our own events. It makes for some great images, and this year we’ve expanded our favorite live photos into our favorite music photos, including shots from the photo pit alongside some of the more memorable backstage moments and even a few portraits. You’ll find many of our favorite live acts, most of our best new artists and hopefully a few bands you’ve yet to check out in the gallery on this page.

Contributing photographers: Allyce Andrew, Mark C. Austin, Charlene Chae, Philip Cosores, Josh Darr, Perry Julien, James Joiner, Chona Kasinger, Kristan Lieb, Mary Caroline Mann, Julia Rickles, Bobby Russell, Jake Salyers, Doug Seymour, Kirk Stauffer, Mike White