Paul McCartney Shares "Come On To Me" Video

The video features dancer Fred "Little Freddie" Maxwell

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Paul McCartney Shares "Come On To Me" Video

Paul McCartney has shared the video for “Come On To Me” off his latest album Egypt Station, out now through Capitol Records. The video features Fred “Little Freddie” Maxwell dancing to McCartney’s retro grooves in an abandoned mall.

McCartney, ever the chart-savvy pop engineer, has included a hashtag-dance-challenge campaign to go along with the video, challenging fans to prove they’ve got “better moves than Freddie” by posting their own take on the video with the hashtag ”#COTMChallenge.” There is also a new set of GIFs of the video on Paul’s GIPHY channel, which apparently is a thing that exists.

This is not exactly a surprising move on McCartney’s part—he’s always been the most unabashedly populist member of the Fab Four, and he seems to be adopting a more carefree attitude in his golden years, as evidenced by his recent open-book interviews.

Watch the video for “Come On To Me” and check out a 1990 McCartney performance from the Paste archives below.