Philadelphia: Alex G, Porches, and Your Friend

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Philadelphia: Alex G, Porches, and Your Friend

Looking into the distance I could see her figure approaching. The steam from the Pool rose into the early summer air. It didn’t take long for the leaves to fall or for the neighbor’s dog to bring my eyes to the fence on the side of our back lot.

It wasn’t too long before I watched her figure disappear onto the next block, away from the back lot and lukewarm water. Slowly I drifted off to sleep to the coo of the lonely dog next door.

Slipping into summer nights of running out of gas on the expressway it was getting more apparent no amount of self discipline could lead me away from trying to escape the drowning of the powerless through the neighborhood. Twenty some years can do that to a person. Ten places to get a bagel on one mile stretch of road. Three bars in the neighborhood I’m no longer welcome and the new generation has moved in. Mile marker thirteen, almost to fourteen is where the car threw in the towel.

Sinking grass on the median led me to an empty station.

The still air sat on my cheeks reminding me the winter would come back and so would the happiness that occupied my days with eyes closed.

“Honey, it’ll all happen in slow motion.”