Pinegrove to Self-Release Skylight This Week

Proceeds from sales will benefit the Voting Rights Project, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Musicares

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Pinegrove to Self-Release <i>Skylight</i> This Week

Pinegrove have announced that Skylight, the follow-up to their 2016 critical and commercial breakthrough Cardinal, will be released on Friday, Sept. 28. The band has been on hiatus since an allegation of “sexual coercion” was made public against singer Evan Stephens Hall last November. But according to a new Pitchfork profile of the band from Jenn Pelly, the band now plan to self-release Skylight, with Hall and his alleged victim having come to “a private resolution via a trusted mediator.” Pinegrove left their label, Run for Cover Records, after “some discomfort was expressed” from other artists on the label following the accusations. Proceeds from Bandcamp sales will benefit the Voting Rights Project, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Musicares. The band also plan to “play some shows later on this year,” also with the approval of Hall’s alleged victim.

Pelly’s profile details the allegations against Hall and the resulting fallout for the band. At the request of the victim, Pinegrove took a year off from touring shelved Skylight, which had been completed before the accusations surfaced. Hall went into therapy, and the band had many conversations amongst themselves as to what their next step would be. The band said they never considered breaking up, although they did prioritize ways to make it clear that they took fan safety seriously. “We are thoroughly in favor of the dismantling of patriarchal structures, and the movement right now to elevate survivors and victims of abuse,” Hall told Pelly. “And we are not interested in a listenership that doesn’t care about that.”

Check out the full profile and Pinegrove’s 2017 Paste Studio session below.