Song Premiere: PURSES - "Wheels On The Run"

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PURSES are dropping their single “Wheels On The Run” off of their upcoming debut album Obsess Much, out April 22 via Laser Brains.

”’Wheels on the Run’ started off as a funky dance beat demo that I made at my buddy Matt’s house a few years ago,” said vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Drew Beskin. “When PURSES got together and were pulling songs together for this album, I stumbled upon it again and showed it to everyone, and it fell into place as this straight forward pop rock song. It has that west coast multiple-guitar feel that I am obsessed with. Jeremy Wheatley made the song what it is with such a pro drum intro.”

PURSES is made up of Drew Beskin (The District Attorneys, Party Dolls), Frank Keith IV (Tedo Stone, The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, Ruby the Rabbitfoot), Phillip Brantley (Modern Skirts), Mckendrick Bearden (Grand Vapids), Jeremy Wheatley (Crooked Fingers, Ruby the Rabbitfoot), and Hunter Morris (Blue Blood, Gift Horse) – quite a roster, eh?

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Wheels On The Run” above, and look out for PURSES’ double single release of “Hitchhiker/Wheels On The Run” on January 22.