Rodney Cromwell Shares Retro Video For New Single "Comrades"

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Rodney Cromwell Shares Retro Video For New Single "Comrades"

Earlier this month, retro-futurist indie electronic artist Rodney Cromwell graced the world with Rodney’s English Disco, his first EP in three years. And today he’s premiering a brand new video for one of the tracks from that release “Comrades.” True to the title and sound of the tune, it’s a wonderful throwback clip that looks like something from state-sponsored TV from an Eastern European nation ca. 1975.

Here’s what the producer of the video, Dariy Karyakin, had to say about its nostalgic look and feel:

“For this video, we were inspired by Latvian photographer Jelena Osmolovska (who contributed cover artwork for this single and EP). We thought it would be an interesting collaboration and a visual experiment to transition style of her photography as a video. So I was challenged to create something robotic in the style of Rodney Cromwell, while blending it with the Soviet feel of Jelena, while also adding my own visual touch. The video follows the concept of wanting the real thing and finding someone to share it with. A tomato of knowledge…in a way.”

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