Photos: Behind the Scenes with Rooney

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Photos: Behind the Scenes with Rooney

Los Angeles’ Rooney wields the audio magic to transform any season into summer—their tight recipe of major-key melodies, oven-warm synths and chipper beats ignite a California sunset of good vibes. Bandleader Robert Schwartzman has remained busy on tangential music projects and his directorial film debut, but last year’s LP Washed Away reaffirmed his songwriting prowess and uplifting approach. Really: you’ll need a surgeon to exorcise marquee track “Why” out of your head after repeat listens.

The group is currently on the road as part of their Ultrasonic Summer Tour. Paste photographer Sarah Midkiff spent some time lounging with Schwartzman before Rooney’s performance at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Check out her portraits above as well as shots from the group’s soundcheck.

Song Highlights
“I’m Shakin’”
“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?”
“Blue Side”