Daily Dose: Royal Trux, "White Stuff"

The band is back with their first album in almost 20 years.

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Daily Dose: Royal Trux, "White Stuff"

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After almost 20 years, Royal Trux are returning with a new album.

The noise-rock band made up of Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty, active primarily in the ‘80s and ‘90s, announced Monday (Jan. 7) that their first album since 2000’s Poud for Pound will arrive in 2019. It’s called White Stuff (out March 1 on Fat Possum), and along with its announcement, they shared the album’s title track, which you can hear below.

The forthcoming record, which follows Royal Trux’s 2017 live album Platinum Tips + Ice Cream, will also contain previously released singles “Every Day Swan” and “Get Used To This.” All three songs see the duo back up to their old tricks: lots of slithering electric guitar, forceful drums and distorted vocals. “White Stuff” is halfway-punk, with Herrema and Hagerty rocking hard, but musing on some feel-good memories, singing, “This is the way it’s supposed to be,” and reminiscing on tours past: “hanging out and playing all across the land.” It’s a promising track that bodes well for the forthcoming album.

Here’s what Herrema said about the band’s return:

Nothing has changed within the Truxian universe we created for ourselves as teenagers; because Trux is and will always be our way of life whether living it together or separate … This is no hobby rock kick. We are long game lifers with no fear, no regrets and plenty of gratitude for the way the universe has rewarded our singular dynamic.t’s funny how the outside world perceives or feels compelled to parse complicated relationships and dynamics…Usually it’s an all or nothing game. This next chapter is just another perfectly aligned bit of kismet. No concerted effort to force anything forward or to create something with an eye on the past. Only an awareness that the present had come calling with a gift to assist the future future of Royal Trux. The true believers that were once strangers found their way into our universe because everybody was ready for it and it simply, as if on cosmic cue, came to be.

Again, you can listen to Royal Trux’s “White Stuff” below. Keep scrolling for the White Stuff album art and tracklist.

White Stuff Tracklist:
01. White Stuff
03. Year Of The Dog
03. Purple Audacity #2
04. Suburban Junky Lady
05. Shows And Tags
06. Get Used To This
07. Sic Em Slow
08. Every Day Swan
09. Whopper Dave
10. Purple Audacity #1
11. Under Ice

White Stuff Album Art: