Sally Shapiro: Disco Romance

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Sally Shapiro: Disco Romance

Swedish singer finds romance in disco

Sweden’s Sally Shapiro has been something of an urban legend since her import-only debut made its way to U.S. shores earlier this year

. Was the singer with the big eyes and broken heart real, or just a fabrication of producer/songwriter Johan Agebjörn? With the North American release of Disco Romance, which features three new tracks, the issue has been resolved—she does, in fact, exist. But it’s easy to see why some wondered. Recording under a pseudonym, she comes across almost as too perfect in these songs, closer to a male fantasy than a flesh-and-blood woman. Nevertheless, Agebjörn’s imaginative disco production makes an ideal backdrop for Shapiro’s introverted vocals, which infuse Disco Romance with the artist’s distinct personality. Her tender stoicism in the face of unrequited love makes “He Keeps Me Alive” quietly devastating, and her spoken verses on “Jackie Jackie” reveal a considerable resolve that sounds anything but fake.