Sam Silbert Surprise-Releases New Album Down on Silverlake

The singer/songwriter’s full-length debut is available now

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Sam Silbert Surprise-Releases New Album <i>Down on Silverlake</i>

Having spent the last few years in Philadelphia making music as Gorpho, and playing in bands like Janna and Blush Cameron, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sam Silbert has today (Aug. 31) surprise-released his debut album under his own name, Down on Silverlake. Throughout the album’s nine tracks, Silbert’s rich chamber-pop compositions and thoughtful, semi-fictionalized stories about heartbreak, spirituality and loss build enchanting and spellbinding worlds to occupy.

Silbert serves as the primary instrumentalist and producer on Down on Silverlake, which he recorded in Philly with engineer Joanna Baumann. Of his evocative, Leonard Cohen-style songwriting, Silbert said:

All the characters on the album were kind of inspired by people in my life, and a lot of the songs were loosely inspired by some tougher life experiences that I’ve been through. And I consciously wanted to rewrite them and remove them from reality, and through that I was able to write them more earnestly, in a weird way.

Down on Silverlake is available to stream/purchase here. Below, check out the album’s details, as well as standout cut “Sheila.”

Down on Silverlake Album Art:


Down on Silverlake Tracklist:
1. gus
2. sheila
3. silverlake
4. untitled
5. rick
6. cindy
7. the man I love has cheated me
8. the driver
9. punch-drunk in manhattan