Song Premiere: Slow Runner - "Me+1+1"

Music Audio Slow Runner
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Charleston indie pop band Slow Runner are getting ready to release their forthcoming album, New Monsters, on March 25. After a brief hiatus following their last album Damage Points, SR are back and catchy as ever with their newest single, “Me+1+1.”

”’Me+1+1’ is sort of an ode to the reckless brotherhood of aimless youth,” said Michael Flynn of the track. “When the timeline of life still bends over the horizon and disappears into the vanishing point. Just now I’m realizing that despite what I thought I was rebelling against in my 20s, in fact much of it was just struggling against the realization of my own mortality. So I guess this song is a bunch of random images built out of those spare parts.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Me+1+1” above.

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