Check out Stef Chura’s Music Video for “Thin”

Music Video Stef Chura
Check out Stef Chura’s Music Video for “Thin”

Stef Chura’s music video for “Thin” shows the impressive artistic potential of an ‘80s camcorder. In the song, Chura asks whether she doesn’t stretch what she has too thin. In response to this theme, the video, premiered today by Rookie, presents loading screens and static, as if to suggest that Chura herself is in a sort of hiatus.

When she sat down with Paste, the freshly minted Best of What’s Next pick mentioned her belief that she was entering her “Return of Saturn Year,” a year in which she would start making her really big life choices. Perhaps, then, it’s not a coincidence that an image resembling the rings of Saturn resolves the loading screens. The suggestion from this would be that during her Saturn year, the images in Chura’s life are finally coming into focus. Still, even if you don’t buy this interpretation, the music video is absolutely mesmerizing.

Watch the video above, check out Paste Cloud audio of Chura’s “Faded Heart” below, and read our BOWN profile on her here.

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