Swearin' Release Pair of 3D Videos for "Grow Into a Ghost" and "Future Hell"

The release-day videos were shot in 3D, and one uses "Illusion-O" techniques

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Swearin' Release Pair of 3D Videos for "Grow Into a Ghost" and "Future Hell"

Swearin’ have released a pair of music videos for “Grow Into a Ghost” and “Future Hell” off their new album Fall Into the Sun, out now through Merge Records.

To fully appreciate the videos, you’ve got to have a pair of 3D glasses handy. If you preordered Fall Into the Sun, you’re in luck, because the album comes with a pair. Otherwise, it’s time to go digging.

“Future Hell” is presented in the classic 3D format, mildly headache-inducing layered tints of red and blue overlaying footage of the band performing onstage. “Grow Into a Ghost” makes things a little more interesting: The video is shot in “Illusion-O,” a technique developed in the ‘60s by filmmaker William Castle and only used in his film 13 Ghosts. The technique makes use of 3D glasses by switching between tints so that the viewer can see “secret images” by looking through either the red or blue lens.

The director of the videos, Jake Fogelnest, explained the use of 3D in a statement:

[Lead singer] Allison [Crutchfield] wanted to do two videos that were somehow connected to each other. I’ve always been a huge William Castle fan, and I thought it would be fun to shoot the “Grow into a Ghost” video using his Illusion-O gimmick. The “ghost viewers” people were given to watch his film 13 Ghosts in 1960 were nothing more than modified anaglyph 3D glasses. So, that opened the door to shoot the “Future Hell” video 3D, too. The red and blue glasses would connect the two videos.

Check out the videos below and stream Fall Into the Sun wherever you like here (or purchase a copy here).