SXSW 2016 Day 4: Photos and Recap

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SXSW 2016 Day 4: Photos and Recap

On Friday at SXSW, the Paste gang decided to divide and conquer—a few of us split our day between the Daytrotter sessions at Good Danny’s (stay tuned for some interviews from those in the coming days) and Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, while the rest of us stayed put in Austin. Read our Luck recap here and check out highlights from Austin in the gallery.


Bleached took the stage at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q at 1:30 p.m., thanking the crowd for coming out so early in the morning. Only at SX does mid-afternoon count as the crack of dawn, but trust me, it feels like it. The L.A.-based garage rock band was like a splash of cold water to face for the crowd, instantly waking us up and pumping our blood. So much more than a girl group, these chicks know how to rock and take no prisoners.

Car Seat Headrest

I ran over to the Spotify House just in time to catch Car Seat Headrest. After a brief confusion at the door (apparently someone had already used my name to check in—rude), I made it just in time to see Will Toledo shuffle up to the stage with his band and introduce himself. What began as a steady head-bobbing indie rock show closed out with the crowd full-on, torso-bending banging their heads. Adding a full band to this project was the best idea, launching Toledo and company into main stage material instantly. This was absolutely one of my favorite shows of the week.

Dilly Dally

Once Car Seat Headrest closed, I dashed over to the small stage at the Spotify House to catch Dilly Dally. I had seen them originally at CMJ 2015 and have been desperate for more ever since. As I took my place in front of the stage, the band walked on stage, and with no intro, vocalist/guitarist Katie Monks launched right into “Desire,” causing an instantaneous electro-shock to the audience, animating us all and somehow putting a smile on everyone’s faces. This band straight up rocks, and they’re a show that must be seen.

The Waco Brothers

I headed to the Bloodshot Records annual Yard Dog Party on the other side of town and arrived mid-set for the final act, the Waco Brothers. These guys know how to put on a show, and they gave it their all and then some as the crowd completely lost their minds singing along. It was almost impossible to see anything through the wave of enthusiastic listeners, but from what I could see, the band was having more fun than anyone else. Basically, when you go to a Waco Brothers show, it feels like you’re partying with them rather than being played at. How refreshing.