Tegan and Sara Explore Music Video Tropes in 'Boyfriend' Video

Music Video Tegan and Sara
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Let’s face it: lots of music videos are boring. The main attraction is the song, making it far too easy to turn away when a video’s concept is half-baked and falls back on boring tropes. Tegan and Sara’s video for “Boyfriend” abounds with music video tropes—however, the duo is in on the joke.

Rachel Antonoff plays a fashion designer whose recycled ideas—from a single hanging lightbulb to a green-screened background, to wind fans, children and animals—aren’t working, much to her chagrin. Antonoff eventually breaks down because she can’t find the right aesthetic for the video, but Tegan and Sara still have a fun time, despite the hectic visual changes.

“Boyfriend” is the first single off of Love You To Death, which is out June 3.