Song Premiere: The Blue Stones - "Magic"

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Windsor, Ontario’s The Blue Stones don’t believe in magic. At least usually, according to the duo’s brand new track, “Magic.” But since 2012’s debut How’s That Sound?, The Blue Stones have synced their tunes in show like Parks and Recreation to Monday Night Football. And that’s a pretty magical feat in today’s fluid industry.

But The Blue Stones’ new song is about a different kind of magic. Vocalist/guitarist Tarek Jafar explains, “Lyrically, it’s a song about missing an opportunity at first, but not giving up on someone.”

The lead single is actually the closing track on the new album, though. Black Holes, which is due out on April 15, blends synth-pop elements of bands like Mutemath with the resourcefulness of blues rock duos like The White Stripes and Black Keys. But “Magic,” according to Jafar, ends the record with just the right sentiment. He says, “’Magic’ is somewhat of a departure from the grittiness and brooding tones heard throughout the rest of the album. As most of Black Holes’ tracks were written within the same timeframe, it was refreshing for us to explore the fluid and shimmery tones of this song in writing. It was important for us to finish the album on a strong note, and we feel ‘Magic’ does just that.”