Watch 1,000 Italian Fans Campaign for Foo Fighters Concert with Epic "Learn to Fly" Performance

Music Video The Rockin' Thousand
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The city of Cesena may very well be home to the world’s coolest Foo Fighters fans.

In an effort to induce The Foos to put on a show in their northern Italian town, 1,000 diehards from all over the country staged a massive, simultaneous performance of the band’s 1999 anthem “Learn to Fly,” Consequence of Sound reports. Cesena is located in Italy’s Romagna region, an area the Foo Fighters haven’t been to since 1997. The Rockin’ Thousand are on a mission to fix that.

The group of musicians, made up of approximately 270 singers, 320 guitarists, 250 drummers and 160 bassists, gives a soaring (no pun intended) performance of “Learn to Fly.” The joyous rendition also sounds fantastic, with the performers managing to stay in perfect sync despite their enormous numbers. The epic performance ends at the video’s 3:52 mark, shortly after which Rockin’ Thousand creator Fabio Zaffagnini gives an impassioned speech asking the Foo Fighters to pay his city a visit. Zaffagnini, who himself was one of the Thousand’s singers, starts his speech at the 4:09 mark, and his impassioned words are also included below:

The Foo Fighters are currently touring North America, with two Italian shows scheduled for mid-November—if there’s any justice in this world, the Rockin’ Thousand will make that three.

Watch the epic “Learn to Fly” performance video above—good luck wiping the smile off your face afterwards.