Video Premiere: The Whistles and The Bells - "Mercy Please"

Music Video The Whistles and the Bells
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The Whistles and The Bells is the musical moniker of Bryan Simpson, a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist. Fresh off the worldwide release of the self-titled album, Simpson takes listeners on the weird, twisted journey of a preacher who fancies himself to be Elvis Presley in the new music video for “Mercy Please”. We begin in a graveyard and end in a church, and the slow frame-rate of the video gives it a cinematic quality that highlights the song’s dramatic aesthetic. The singer’s rough, gravel-filled vocals and the spaghetti western-style horn solo really set the track apart.

“Mercy Please” is the first track off of The Whistles and The Bells’ self-titled album, and Simpson said the song “literally made [his] brain feel pregnant” because he “knew it had to be written.” The album was self-released in 2014, and released globally in Aug. 2015 by New West Records. Watch the video in the player above.