The White Stripes to Release 'Peel Sessions' for Record Store Day

Music News The White Stripes
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Pop quiz! Which marketing holiday is worse: Valentine’s Day or Record Store Day? Answer: They both suck, but if you’re a music writer, you can at least ignore the former. Anyway, Jack White has some offerings for those who are excited about April 16, which is when this year’s RSD is being held (there’s no double Valentine’s Day this year, you can stop sweating).

The White Stripes will release a double record (one red vinyl, one white) of their 2001 “Peel Sessions.” A standard black vinyl edition will come out later this year.

If you’re a Jack White fan, then you may also want to check out his cover of Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” single, pressed on “It’s Not Easy Being Green Colored Vinyl” (yes, that’s a real thing). The a-side features White playing with The Muppets house band The Electric Mayhem and the b-side features the same song, but with all the Muppets singing along. The bad news is you can only get this record at Third Man Records located in Nashville and Detroit; the good news is you can probably buy it on eBay on April 17 for three times the price.

Lastly, Katie Pierson, singer of The B-52’s, has a new single featuring two Jack White-produced songs, “Venus” and “Radio in Bed,” that will also see a RSD release via Third Man.