The Paste Parlour: Live from the Morris House - The Young Evils

Music Video The Young Evils
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Sasquatch! Festival consistently sets the tone for festival season every year, taking place over Memorial Day weekend at The Gorge in Washington and featuring headliners ranging from Sleater-Kinney to Kendrick Lamar. For most of us at Paste, though, Sasquatch! is a long way from home, so we were lucky that this year, our friends Mr. and Mrs. Morris opened up their home right down the street from the festival and made us (and some of our favorite artists) feel like family.

While we were in Washington, we took the opportunity to catch up with some of the bands on the Sasquatch! bill that hailed from nearby Seattle. One such band was The Young Evils, a five-piece rock band born that evolved from its beginnings as a strikingly different pop duo. They set up shop in the backyard and played a couple of songs, and thanks to the fine folks over at Squarespace, we were able to capture it all on camera. Watch “Renegades” in the player above, and keep scrolling down for performances of “Counting Daisies” and “Dead Animals.”

Counting Daisies

Dead Animals