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Seattle hip-hop producers Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons are set to release their debut album awE NaturalE next month, a culminating work that’s been five years in the making for this musical couple. As they told us, the recent Sub Pop signees and Shabazz Palaces collaborators met at an open mic, hitting it off shortly after. After putting out five EPs while earning their stripes in Seattle’s local hip-hop scene. Hear Harris-White and Irons describe what it’s like to create music with the one they each love.

Paste: How long have you been together?
Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons: 5 Years.

Paste: Tell us the story of how you met.
Harris-White and Irons: We met at an open mic where we were both performing. Cat was singing and Stas was doin’ spoken word. We were in love with each others’ everything at that moment.

Paste: What’s the greatest thing about dating an artist?
Harris-White: Sharing all these new experiences with her and traveling everywhere. Ooh and going shopping together in other cities/countries is boss!

Irons: Being able to turn materialize our ideas immediately. One bed in the hotel room, vibes on stage are real.

Paste: What is the biggest challenge of dating someone in your group?
Harris-White:: Any hour business meetings [laugh], it’s all love tho.

Irons: Sometimes Cat has to be mean to me and boss up so that we meet deadlines, cuz I’m kinda bad at that stuff.