Todd Snider: The Excitement Plan

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Todd Snider: <em>The Excitement Plan</em>

Satirist with a heart’s Plan may not turn the economy around, but it’s great company for the down-and-out

From the first notes of plucky, percussive country-blues opener “Slim Chance,” he begins slyly imparting his underdog witticisms: “I found a four-leaf clover,” he sings, “… it had one leaf missing … that’s close enough for me.” And it’s about time somebody wrote a ballad about infamous Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis (“America’s Favorite Pastime”), who claims to have thrown a no-hitter on LSD. Ellis is the perfect misfit character for Snider, who has already penned songs about mysterious airline hijacker D.B. Cooper and the guy who carries the boombox in Mike Tyson’s entourage.