Song Premiere: The Junkie Twins - "Untitled Love Song"

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The Junkie Twins are releasing their brand new single, “Untitled Love Song,” streaming exclusively above. The Brooklyn-based indie rock duo, originally from Melbourne, AU, are set to release their forthcoming Push to Exit LP, due out April 29.

“We had the piano riff from the start, which we’d actually written in Melbourne a while back,” said vocalist/guitarist Anthony Gill of the track. “But it sounded completely different; initially it was much faster. Later, when we decided to develop the riff, we wanted to slow it down a bit. I had an idea to introduce more of a funk influence on it, so we used a clavinet, inspired by Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstitious.’ At the end of production I kept hearing this ‘lies’ voice in my head, and even though I loved how the song sounded already I thought, ‘hey, why not.’ We tried it out and loved it, so we kept it. The idea for the song was written while I was living in Philadelphia. It’s about having a night out on the town and that feeling when you wake up the next morning in the hell of a massive hangover – a feeling us musicians know all too well.”

I feel you, dude.

Listen to “Untitled Love Song” above.