Song Premiere: Valley Hush - "Iris"

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Detroit based genre-chameleons Valley Hush started out with two objectives and one of them was to focus on melody and lyrics, while the other set them to work at blurring the lines between synthetic and organic, between electronic and acoustic. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Alex Kaye started collaborating with singer/lyricist/percussionist Lianna Vanicelli in late 2012, set up in a former auto parts factory off I-75. Valley Hush, once it congealed in 2013, wanted to initially keep things minimal. As the project’s blossomed, it’s carefully attained a tone, vibe and verve that sounds simultaneously earthy and celestial, meticulously hewing the timbre of these keys and guitars as though they were conceivable (if ineffable) creak, noise, or murmur found out in some uncharted dream-forest.

Their signature universal ambiance provides for those hip-hop-throbbed electronica jams you could slow-dance to at the club at midnight, and yet wake up to the next morning in the bleary breaking dawn to soundtrack some pulse-steadying meditative recuperation. Melody is of utmost importance, as we said, to both Vanicelli and Kaye. Even if they’re a duo and even if they’re going for a minimalist trip, they’re still spreading on a mixed milieu of genres and sonic shades, from dream-pop, to acid-lounge to a bit of laid-back space-rock.

They’ll be releasing first proper full length album is coming out later in the summer. Stay tuned.