Exclusive: Watch Vintage Trouble's "Can't Stop Rollin'" Video

It's the lead single from the band's forthcoming EP Chapter II, due out Nov. 9

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Exclusive: Watch Vintage Trouble's "Can't Stop Rollin'" Video

With three records already in circulation, well-traveled rockers Vintage Trouble will release their latest, Chapter II, via INgrooves on Nov. 9. The six-song EP will be made available in both studio and acoustic versions. Produced by Jeeve (Bruno Mars, Carlos Santana), the album is the band’s first to incorporate a more expansive soundscape, with the addition of keys and horns.

The lead single off the EP, “Can’t Stop Rollin’,” drops today, Oct. 12, with a brand-new music video. Get an exclusive first look at the clip below.

Discussing the development of their latest single, lead singer Ty Taylor says, “We wanted to lean into writing and recording some dance tunes that really thumped. We play so many huge festivals and love watching seas of people gyrate and wave their bodies. Enter ‘Can’t Stop Rollin.’”

“The message behind the lyrics is that desire is a real thing. It’s a bull. When you harness it, it rattles the gate like a beast. So, you have let it go and flow freely,” Taylor adds. “Don’t hold back your love for someone. Let them know how you feel. Too often we question the fire running through own veins. This song begs us all to dive into our honest love impulses.”

The single’s sound is hard to place, straddling the space between American and Caribbean music, dance and R&B. “We centered the music around Studio 54 and dirty ‘70s disco. Ripping high-hat patterns and thumping melodic bass lines,” says Taylor. “Then when we recorded it in the Grand Cayman Islands we allowed the environment to influence our arrangement. All of a sudden, elements of ska crept in.”

Taylor describes the “Can’t Stop Rollin’” music video as a “seedy home after-hours dance party scene.” The singer jokes, “We went through many edits of the video to make sure it was safe for TV and the Internet. Believe us when we say it would be worth it for you to get your hands on the scraps left on the editing floor. Scandalous.”

Watch the “Can’t Stop Rollin’” video and revisit Vintage Trouble’s 2017 Paste Studio session below.