Washed Out: Blair and Ernest

Music Features
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Washed Out began a few months before Ernest and Blair Greene tied the knot in 2009. While Ernest primarily writes songs of the Georgia-based electronic act, his wife is every bit a part of the group. Blair Greene’s initial involvement included being a manager and photographer, but she became involved on the musical side as a keyboardist when Washed Out transitioned from a solo project into a five-piece band. She’s also graced Washed Out’s album covers twice, alone for their debut EP Life of Leisure and also with Ernest for Within and Without’s intimately-photographed cover.

Ernest Greene briefly offered us some insight into their musical and personal partnership.

Paste: How long have you been together?
Ernest Greene: [We] dated on and off for 10 years, married in October 2009.

Paste: Tell us the story of how you met?
Greene: Singing a duet together in a church play.

Paste: What’s the greatest thing about being married to an artist?
Greene: Sharing this whole experience together—traveling to so many places we never imagined seeing!

Paste: What is the biggest challenge of being married to someone in your band?
Greene: We’re currently managing ourselves, so it’s been a bit difficult to balance that end of it with everything else that comes along with Washed Out—not to mention trying to maintain some sort of a personal life as well… It’s definitely turned into a positive for us though—we’re a team.