Watch Arctic Monkeys' "Snap Out of It" Music Video

Music Video
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British rock band Arctic Monkeys is known for its biting, satirical lyrics, and music videos that dance the line between brutal honesty and the surreal. Their recent video for “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” had lead vocalist Alex Turner seeing ghosts of what the viewer thinks is a girlfriend, or ex. Not until the end of the video do we realize he’s meant nothing to her all along, as his phone contact reads “Alex Band Guy.”

Their newest video for “Snap Out of It,” takes the reverse approach. Yes, it still centers around Turner’s romantic escapades, but this time from the view of a former lady friend in anguish. We see the beauty laugh, cry, cook up steaks and feign relaxation, all the while attempting to reach Turner through old home movies. It’s insinuated that she had been the one filming Turner, though she never appears with him. Perhaps this is the true source of her anguish.

It’s a great video not just because of its timing—of course, quite a few of us try to wash summer flings off in the pool—but because it continues the band’s narrative. There’s no doubt that Turner performs with a peacock attitude, combing his hair between (and during) songs.

It’s this honesty that makes their videos—however surreal—believable. And it definitely makes us want to see more.