Watch John Legend and Stevie Wonder's Epic Lip Sync of Outkast's "Hey Ya!"

Music Video
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John Legend and Stevie Wonder recently paired up for a truly epic lip-sync simulation of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” for Spike’s Lip Sync Battle. With costumes and total enthusiasm, as well as some Muppets, they recreated the song’s classic music video, which was itself a spoof of The Beatles’ 1964 performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

In the video, Legend becomes “John ‘Ice Cold’ 3000” and captures the energy of his doppelganger, dancing wildly in suspenders and the same wig that André 3000 donned in the original.

The performance doesn’t attempt the same brand of humor as Outkast’s video, but is itself hilarious. Particularly funny is the low-profile treatment of Wonder, one of the foremost musical legends of our time, who grins on the side while “playing” the keyboard.

Check out the performance above, and the original Outkast video below.