Song Premiere: White Prism - "In A Dream"

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Johanna Cranitch didn’t always make synth-pop tunes like this. The Australian vocalist and bandleader used to create music much more fitting of the singer/songwriter categorization. But White Prism, which released its debut album last spring, is Cranitch’s fully-realized, futuristic electronica project.

White Prism, now based in Brooklyn, is currently working on its second full-length LP due out in summer/fall 2016. In the meantime, though, Cranitch is sharing B-sides like “In A Dream” to satiate fans until new music is ready. The track, which builds slowly and drops with a synthesized, yet human whistling sound, is about a recurring dream she had. As Cranitch writes, “I have a recurring dream about someone I lost a long time ago and it was written one morning when I woke up. I went Into the studio with my long time friends and collaborators Richard Belkner of free energy device and his wife, Sarah who produced it. We played around with sounds and everything was pretty electronic and vey organic. It was just like a hangout but with instruments.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “In A Dream” here.