White Reaper Share New Song, the Classic Rock Revival "Real Long Time"

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White Reaper Share New Song, the Classic Rock Revival "Real Long Time"

White Reaper are prepping the release of their fourth album by sharing a new ‘80s rock ’n‘ roll revivalist cut, “Real Long Time.”

With whammied electric guitars, arena-ready vocals and an organ-led bridge, “Real Long Time” sounds so familiar, you’ll be singing along by the end of your first listen. That’s not a knock—the track is immediately catchy, with every member of the five-piece given a chance to soar above the rest in the groove-locked cut.

Tony Esposito’s lyrics ponder the passage of time and personal progress—“How come what you want and what you get / always seem to be two different things”—but the energetic instrumentation gives “Real Long Time” positive energy that prevents the track from being overly somber.

“Real Long Time” is attached to a Lance Bangs-directed video that shows the Kentucky boys performing the track in a wood-paneled brick house. It’s given some grainy film-reel editing effects, sending the track further into its classic rock territory.

We still don’t have a date or title on the forthcoming album, which will be White Reaper’s first on Elektra. You can revisit lead single “Might Be Right” here, where you’ll also find the band’s forthcoming tour dates. Watch the video for “Real Long Time” below, then see the band perform in 2015 via footage dug up from the Paste archives further down. Keep scrolling to find the official “Real Long Time” single art and the band’s tour poster.

“Real Long Time” Single Art:


White Reaper “You Deserve Love” Tour Poster: