Whyte Horses Share Bee Gees "Mister Natural" Cover Featuring La Roux

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Whyte Horses Share Bee Gees "Mister Natural" Cover Featuring La Roux

Manchester indie-psychedelic rockers Whyte Horses have thrown it way back to the bell bottom-clad mid-‘70s with their cover of “Mister Natural” by the Bee Gees. The single is a cut from their forthcoming release, Hard Times, out Jan. 17, 2020 on CRC Records and features vocals from Elly Jackson of La Roux.

Across the single, Whyte Horses use the unabashed cheesiness of the disco era to their advantage, strutting through the piece with wonderful moxie too often lost to the past. Through shining organ chords and a thumping bassline, Jackson channels her inner Gibb with each line of melodrama, intoning “When I walk in the rain you won’t know that I’m crying” in the chorus. Her gleaming voice rises with passion as the song reaches its peak with the line, “A love that is lost can never be found again.”

Despite the excessive heartbreak, Whyte Horses cover displays the very genuine songwriting talents of the Bee Gees, especially when reinvigorated by the group. Thomas explains the group’s reason for covering “Mister Natural,” recalling the first time he heard the song:

“I vividly remember watching a Bee Gees documentary late one night. By the time it got to the mid-seventies era the band was talking about how everything was going wrong and they were close to quitting. It cut to some footage of a gig in Melbourne which was meant to be a low point but my ears pricked up when I heard the first few bars of ‘Mister Natural.’ It was one of the best Bee Gees numbers I’d heard, right up there with Massachusetts and the golden sixties-era ballads, in my mind this was an instant classic.

Other tracks across Hard Times feature guest appearances from singer-songwriter John Grant, Chrysta Bell—a singer in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks—and the experimental brit-pop figure Badly Drawn Boy.

Hard Times will be out Jan. 17, 2020 on CRC Records and can be preordered here. You can listen to “Mister Natural” below and find album details below.

Hard Times Album Art:

Hard Times Tracklist:
1. Red Lady
2. Mister Natural (Ft. La Roux)
3. Hard Times (Ft. John Grant)
4. Ça Plane Pour Moi
5. Bang Bang (Ft. Chrysta Bell)
6. Seabird
7. Satellite Of Love (Ft. Badly Drawn Boy)
8. I Saw The Light (Ft. Mèlanie Pain)
9. Up In My Mind (Ft. Tracyanne Campbell)
10. Tocyn (Ft. Gruff Rhys)
11. Want You To Know