Wolf Parade Plead "Julia Take Your Man Home" on New Single

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Wolf Parade Plead "Julia Take Your Man Home" on New Single

Montreal indie darlings Wolf Parade just shared “Julia Take Your Man Home,” the third single for their forthcoming fifth album Thin Mind, set for release Jan. 24 on Sub Pop. The song was previously heard live during their 2019 tour. Given Dante DeCaro’s leave from the band back in February, Thin Mind will be their first release as a trio since 2003.

“Julia” is perfectly in line with the previous two singles they have shared from Thin Mind, combining the pulse-pounding rock of “Forest Green” and the ‘80s synth influence of “Against The Day.”

The single further expands on Thin Mind’s stated themes of cyber-induced attention deficiency, now pointing a finger at toxic masculine traits unique to the digital age. Spencer Krug says he’s singing as “an exaggerated, fictitious caricature” of himself: “It’s not literally me … but it is the toxic male version of myself.” On “Julia,” Krug highlights an emotional maturity uncommon with male artists, displaying a firm awareness of his own patriarchal skeletons. It contrasts beautifully with the single’s cover art, which notably uses the same Moebius-esque illustration as the album’s cover art: It’s a more down-to-earth look at a collapsing hyper-modern utopia.

Listen to the single below.