Natural Child

Aug 27, 2012 Big Light Studio, Nashville, TN

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  1. B$G P$MP$N / Welcome To Daytrotter 02:20
  2. Baby 02:10
  3. Shame Walkin' 02:52
  4. Yer Birthday 02:53
Natural Child

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Josh Niles in Nashville, Tennessee

Natural Child songs are experiments in what can fly between man and woman. They are experiments in what constitutes a want and what constitutes a need. We learn early on in this session that, if it involves ass - getting it, looking at them, etc. - it automatically qualifies as a need. There's nothing artificially propped up about the need to get that ass, to have it and to hold it, with the rest of the scenarios about what else will take place with the ass, up for debate. There's never a shortage of ideas there.

The guys in the Nashville band sing, "I don't love you baby, I just love that ass," and remind us elsewhere that they "don't wanna fuck, you, but I got to." They ooze with the kind of one-track mind that regularly makes rock and roll so damned great. It's that not at all casual pursuit of hitting all of the pleasure centers at once. It's that endless pursuit of the next party, the next girl and the next chance to black out. It's that chasing of tail that leads young men to their guitars, microphones and dive bars. It's what routinely keeps them there, pursuing until they're well past their prime.

Natural Child music is loaded with the urges that never cease and never wane, even as we get older. They just get stifled a little better, but get that old, retired man - a grandfather many times over - into the right situation, with just the perfect amount of bourbon in his bloodstream and you're going to hear him talking about pussy and titties. It never grows old - thinking about such things. Those desires and those wants/needs (however you want to put it) never age as the person ages.

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