Shahab Tolouie

For fans of:Peter Gabriel, Shahram Nazeri, Paco de Lucia
Shahab Tolouie belongs to the group of musicians who derive inspiration from the traditional music of their native lands. For Shahab, this means combining traditional Persian elements with traditional Spanish flamenco. Shahab expanded his knowledge and develop his talent through contact with some of the best Iranian musical masters of his time. Later he departed for Seville, Spain. There he studied his flamenco master course, attaining the highest level of achievement, "Nivel Alto." In 2001 Shahab was recognized as one of the best Iranian guitar players by "The House of Music of Iran." He was home, with honors and awards, but more importantly, blessed with additional knowledge and experience that inspired new insight and a bright, shining idea. He was now able to recognize important similarities and differences, great and subtle, between Persian and Spanish music. The fusion of Flamenco and Persian music became his goal and now defines his distinct style "EthnoFlamenco."