God of Dung

A.A. Jordan

God of Dung by A.A. Jordan
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For readers of:Dan Brown, Johnathan Carroll, Guy Gavriel Kay, Haruki Murakami, Matt Haig
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Print Length368
PublisherOdd Man Out Publishing
Publication DateOct 21, 2015
About the Book

Clarence is a retired architect looking to check himself into a senior’s home, but after one too many beers he wakes up one morning in a home for retired Gods – millions of them. From every age and every faith, these disagreeable deities are crammed into a temple that has long since exceeded its maximum capacity, and they’re praying for Clarence to give their small sanctuary an urgent upgrade before it reaches critical mass.

About the Author

A.A. Jordan is one part writer and one part graphic designer. He writes novels with an anime tone, which only means that his creative process begins with visualizing anime-style characters (the kind without the whiny voices). He was born in Buffalo, NY, and lives abroad.