abdourazak houssein

For fans of:tonny robbins, robin sharma, jack canfield, darren hardy, brian tracy

i love to help people to reach their next level of success in their lives be it health,relationships,money or business or even finding passion. my purpose is to empower people to achieve their wildest dreams and live the life they have always wanted. for me it all change when i found my passion of becoming a success coach. from that moment every thing changed. i quit my career in computer science. i faced a fierce challenge from my family and close friends to go with it specially my dad who didn't take it lightly like everybody else did. i knew this would happen and i had to make a decision to endure what ever happens , even if everyone doesn't like it. everybody said that i was doing a big mistake, they were saying something like" are you crazy? why waste three years of your life to start again from scratch?. lucky i didn't listen, actually i didn't care what they thought because the road of passion is lonely, i didn't expect someone to come and pat on my shoulder. it was a breakthrough finding my passion and promised myself that i would spend the rest of my life living my passion and help as many people as i can to do the same.

" we are all self made, but only the successful will admit it." dale carnigeg