The Strange Case Of Donald Mallory

Adam J Kugler

The Strange Case Of Donald Mallory by Adam J Kugler
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Suspense, Christian Fiction, Ted Dekker, Steven James, Stephen King
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PublisherWired Publishing Etc
Publication DateSeptember 2014
About the Book

There is something strange happening in Marcella, GA. There on the outskirts of town lives a strange family and they have some strange habits. It was important for the people of Marcella to know just who was living just outside the boundaries of their town, but in the end was it really going to be the best for everyone. Donald Mallory thought his way was the best. The local town preacher, he saw things differently, especially after the bizarre death of a young man who had just come in contact with Mallory and his family.

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The Strange Case Of Donald Mallory by Adam J Kugler
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