Akshay Nambiar

All in Poker

All in Poker by Akshay Nambiar
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nonfiction Arts, Self-Improvement
For readers of:Self Help, Entrepeneurship, Football, Poker, God
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About the Book

In this book we will obviously be discussing Poker.

First, we’ll talk about the rules of the game.

We will discuss a bit of how to play poker with upto 10 players on the table.

We’ll talk about the different types of players and different types of Poker tells.

We’ll also sort out all the winning hands %

With a detailed Poker Strategy to follow.

About the Author

I'm an author.

I'm a publisher.

I'm an entrepreneur.

I work on businesses and books that 'Create Meaning'.

Peace, Love and Happiness. That's what I want for the world.

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