M. Goodwin

For fans of:Graphic Novels, NFL Rush, LARPs: The Series

Hi, I'm Mia and I'm a concept artist for Retro Studios living in Austin, Texas. I spent the last two years as the sequential art professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Hong Kong, alongside drawing comics for both Action Lab Entertainment and LARPs: The Series. Previously, I've worked as an art director designing mascots for Ocean Park, which are currently being featured in children's books at McDonald's and a senior concept artist drawing props, characters and storyboards for Trendy Entertainment. I've also been lucky enough to draw comics for the Nickelodeon series, NFL Rush, and Princeless for which I received two Glyph awards and two Eisner Nominations. My career so far has taken me all over the world and has allowed me the chance to do everything from theme park design to cinematic direction as well as getting to interact and work with a diverse and amazing group of people. I really love what I do. This year, I'll also be releasing Underground, a short comic anthology, as well as my first full length original series, Tomboy, with Danger Zone Comics. I was born too early to be captain of the Enterprise and in the wrong galaxy to attend the Jedi Academy, but I get by in the meantime by drinking lots of coffee and chaining myself to my Cintiq.