Seal's Promise : A Christian Way of Transitioning from Childhood to Teenage Life

Anusha Manne

Seal's Promise : A Christian Way of Transitioning from Childhood to Teenage Life by Anusha Manne
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For readers of:Christian Fiction, Christian Teenagers, Christian Youth
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About the Book

As a Christian, you will encounter certain situations, that will freeze your lifestyle. They suffocate the inner you, and with the lack of wisdom to fight, you grow weaker. You look to God for strength, and he’s trying hard to tell you that he has already given you the power to overcome everything. But you didn’t know because you never tried to seek wisdom from God. Hosea 4:6 says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. This book acts as a perfect guide for young teenage Christians as they transition from childhood to teenage life. With ten short chapters on significant life lessons, this book puts together those Bible verses that will give you enough wisdom, and prepare you to face the world. In this fiction novel, you will notice a young girl named, April who meets a tiny magical creature called Seal. He guides her making sure she has enough wisdom to make right choices. Read on, as April discovers and learns valuable life-changing lessons when she faces the world for the first time as a teenager.

About the Author

Anusha Manne is a 25-year-old computer programmer in Dayton, Ohio. She was born in India and at the age of 21, moved to the US to get her Master's degree in Applied Computer Science. She was born and brought up as a Christian, and she continued to follow Christianity ever since. The burden to help people has always been in her heart as she tries to spread positive motivation to everyone around her. God has called her to motivate teenagers in their early lives to gain wisdom from the Bible and do what is right before it’s too late. By writing the book, “Seal’s Promise” she takes her first step towards her mission. “In Bible, Jesus clearly explains what is right and what is wrong to live a best Christian Life, but unfortunately we live in a world where some of the bad things are not even considered wrong. Here’s when Wisdom comes into action!”, she quotes.

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Seal's Promise : A Christian Way of Transitioning from Childhood to Teenage Life by Anusha Manne
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