Amaris Oppenheim

Outsmart Cancer: The Proven Cure For Beating Cancer With Healthy Nutrition And Vitamin B17

Outsmart Cancer: The Proven Cure For Beating Cancer With Healthy Nutrition And Vitamin B17 by Amaris Oppenheim
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For readers of:romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer
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PublisherMarjan Bazalac
About the Book

Evidence suggests that Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet, as we go back through the journals of time and examine medical evidence from past civilizations instances of cancer seem highly rare. Obviously there are a number of reasons why that could be the case given that the way in which we are able to pin point cancers with accuracy in modern times is worlds away from those applied in the past however the fact remains that instances of the disease have increased dramatically in recent times. The ever-growing number of cancer cases occurring nowadays and its yet undiscovered cure should pose as a warning regarding our lifestyle. The best way to outsmart cancer is actually by preventing it from happening in the first place. Nobody is safe from the growing of a tumor. While everyone is aware of some well-known cancer types or carcinoma, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, there are several unknown others equally threatening, like colon cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer or lymphoma. The ways oncology uses to treat patients, although somewhat effective, are still in many ways painful. Treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy have negative side effects which can be avoided by natural, smoother ones. Key way to strengthen our immune system is through a healthy nutrition. Exercising and dieting are crucial elements in this process. The natural cure for cancer might just be in our eating habits. Some vitamins, like Vitamin B17, are crucial when maintaining a dynamic organism, meaning our diet should be composed by certain elements in order to strengthen our health. Therefore, you need to be guided through what to eat during your meals, so as to keep cancer far away, even the ones you might think you’re safe from, like pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer or skin cancer/melanoma. This eBook contains all the information you need regarding the easiest ways to prevent cancer, including what to avoid and what to empathize on in your everyday routine.

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Cancer Background

Cancer Prevention Rather Than Cure

Our Everyday Diets

Cancer Fighting Foods

Foods to Avoid & Sugar Alternatives

Vitamin B17 - the cure!

About the Author

I live in Italy with my extremely loving husband, two adorable little boys and the most behaved dog. This is where I manage my day job, which is working in the city's largest financial company. When not dealing with numbers and financial accounts, I write about my fantasies. I believe that human beings only have one life, so why not cram everything possible in it, including doing what I am passionate about - steamy romance.I am fond of adventures and possess this passion for sweet romance and lustful secrets. I feel best when my readers are drawn to the worlds of love, sex, thrill and fantasies that I create. My stories are inspired by the stories of the different people I meet and the places I get to see. I am always delighted to live many lives aside from my own. That is how I craft a limitless number of fantasies and adventures.All throughout, reading books is something I could not live not doing. Dreaming and feeding my fantasies are incredible things for me. As a little girl, I'd spend most of my free hours at the school library. I will bring home stacks of books, including the typical romance novels that do not involve sex. Probably, I got this habit from the mother, who also adores sweet romance novels. But I was surprised what a romance novel could be during a trip to the bookstore when I was 17 - that is when my journey began. I never knew I had the gift in me until I produce my first erotica novel when I was 23. My first work was followed by tons of other works for the sexy grown-ups who simply want to experience more passion and desire. I like my books to be luscious and delightfully sweet. I have been working on my novels for years and I can say there is really no secret - I just let my imagination go hot and wild. Someday, I wish to retire to a vineyard with my entire family and continue my passion of writing about my dirty, naughty secrets.

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